What are the dates for 2019 camp?

2019 camp will run from Wednesday, February 27th to Sunday, March 3rd.

How hard is it to get to camp?

Flying to Costa Rica is not difficult, but there are no direct flights to Santa Teresa (where the camp is held) from outside the country. You will need to drive down some bumpy dirt roads to get there, but that's what helps the area retain its charm without becoming too "touristy." We have written a guide for traveling to camp that you can read here.


Will I be OK in Costa Rica if I don't speak Spanish?

Basic Spanish is helpful, but most people you deal with as a tourist will speak English. You will be surprised at how many people in Santa Teresa speak English, since many European expats populate the area.



When can I check in/out?

You can check in Wednesday afternoon/evening and check out Sunday morning. The training days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will be staying at either Villa Santa Teresa or Blue Surf Sanctuary, which are beside each other and near the beach.


Will meals be provided?

Breakfast will be served daily, but you will need to travel into the nearby town for all other meals. We can recommend "sodas" or local restaurants, which include many fresh seafood options. You can always explore the town on your own or use the fully equipped kitchens at your cabin.



Will there be laundry services?

There will be laundry services provided for your gis after each training session. Please pack 2 gis.



Is camp worth coming to if I'm just a white belt?

Yes, our instructors are very skilled at teaching so that everyone, no matter their rank, can learn and improve. That said, just coming to experience the unspoiled beauty of Santa Teresa is worth checking off your bucket list!



What else is there to do nearby?

When you are not on that mats, you have endless activities in Costa Rica to choose from! Camp includes daily surf lessons, but you can also travel into the nearby town or surrounding areas for more adventures. Popular local attractions are the tide pool and Montezuma falls. A yoga studio is within walking distance (this is very popular for those who attend as guests and don't train BJJ.) If you want to do more adventurous excursions, there are other activities you may be interested in such as rainforest canopy tours and quad bikes rentals.



When should I sign up?

Once registration opens, we recommend booking by September. The Rollin' in Costa Rica Retreat typically sells out by mid-October and the flights are typically sold out by November. The earlier you arrange your plans, the better!



What if I want a private room for my family?

If you would like a private room for just you or you and your family, please contact us and we can accommodate.




What is your return policy?

We do not issue refunds, but we your payment may contribute to the cost of training for a future Rollin' in Costa Rica Retreat. If there is a difference in cost, you will be required to pay the remaining balance.