1. Fly into San Jose International Airport (SJO)
    • Plan at least two hours between your international and domestic flights
  2. Fly a 25-minute domestic flight from SJO to Tambor via Sansa
    • Sansa flights carry 12 passengers and cost approximately $100 each way
    • Alternative domestic flights are available, but Sansa is recommended
  3. Ride a 35-minute taxi from Tambor Airport to Santa Teresa
    • There are usually taxis waiting at the airports
    • If you prefer to arrange a ride in advance, we recommend Adventure Cab. You may contact Richard Mora via email or via Facebook Messenger @RichardMoraMora
    • A one-way taxi costs approximately $60 USD
    • We recommend carpooling as the far can then be split amongst your party. If you are traveling alone, you can ask if there is anyone on your flight also traveling to Santa Teresa. If there is, travel together!